About Me

I'm Cidney. I've been a software engineer, visual artist, musician, writer, game designer, and various other roles as needed. Nowadays I mostly make games, but in the past I've been a full-stack web developer, graphic designer, transcriptionist, research assistant, and waitress. I have a computer science degree from one of those schools in Boston you've probably heard of, and spent years in the local LARP and circus communities.

About This Site

This is my realname domain! I’ve registered it so that other people can’t pretend to be me, and that it’s easy to contact me. :) It’s a very simple static site without much real content. Occasionally I post stuff. I am terrible at keeping in touch with people.

I try to redesign it once a year. Right now I’m going with plain text, to make it text-browser friendly and to avoid clutter.


I host my own mastodon instance, where you can follow me at

I host some of my games, including things for gamejams, at

The best way to get in touch with me is email.

Privacy Policy

There are no analytics or cookies on this website. I don’t hold onto anyone’s data. You don’t need to log in or give me any information.

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Last updated 2023-06-22.