What I'm Doing Now

There’s so much going on right now!

In February, I got married (again). My partner lives in Europe, and I’m in the process of applying for residence permit to live in Germany. We’re renting an apartment together in Berlin. My German is solidly beginner-level; I had two semesters of German in college, but haven’t used it since until quite recently. I’m hoping to take an A2 course once things settle down.

Two more games I worked on came out recently– Colossal Cave 3D Adventure, designed by Roberta Williams, and Summer Daze: Tilly’s Tale, designed by Corey and Lori Cole. Both are available on Steam, as well as a variety of other platforms. I could not talk openly about the projects when they were in development, and was in the awkward situation of working for my former boss’s former boss at Sierra Online.

Right now I’m finishing up a contract with NYU for the Transit Costs Project, designing a 3D simulation of what New York Penn Station could look like if it followed best practices. I’m also on to a final round of edits for my novel, Elisabeth, which I hope to be able to say more about soon!

On a more serious and political note: Many of my friends and family are still in Florida, which has become increasingly hostile to the majority of its inhabitants. I’m often struggling to communicate about the American healthcare system to people outside the United States (it’s very bad and gets people killed). For those of you following who are concerned, I highly recommend donating to Equality Florida, or more locally the Space Coast Progressive Alliance, Brevard Women’s Center (which also serves men and nonbinary people who’ve been the victims of domestic violence), and the Marine Resources Council. I’m still involved with volunteering for an environmental nonprofit in the area, but on a very minor basis, and experience a lot of guilt and anguish about “abandoning” my hometown.

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